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Pet Birds for Sale

Pet Birds For Sale

Pet Birds For Sale

Paradise Tanager


Paradise Tanager

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Product Description

Identification:  The Paradise tanager (Tangara chilensis) is a brilliantly multicolored, medium-sized songbird whose length varies between 13.5 and 15 cm. It has a light green head, sky blue underparts and black upper body plumage. Depending on subspecies, the rump is yellow and red or all red. The beak is black and the legs are grey. It is evaluated as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It's natural habitat is humid tropical and subtropical forests in the western and northern Amazon Basin in South America. Despite its scientific name, it is not found in Chile.

Geography: South America

Size / Weight: 5" / 16 - 17 g

Song / Call:  Click here to listen to the Paradise Tanager

Temperament:  Paradise tanagers are excitable and noisy, and notably gregarious. They are almost always encountered in single-species flocks of 3–15 individuals, sometimes more, or in groups that associate with canopy mixed-species flocks. Moving in and out of slower-moving mixed-species flocks, Paradise tanagers sometimes remain for only a few minutes before flying off. They mainly forage very high up, average is 25–50 m above ground, only infrequently dropping low along forested edges to reach fruiting shrubs. Groups of Paradise tanagers are restless and active with individuals searching rapidly on high open branches by hopping outwards and leaning downwards, first along one side of a branch and then the other, to check sides and undersurfaces. 

Sexing: Unable to determine gender without DNA testing. 

DNA Testing 

If there is not a gender option listed for this bird on our website, that particular species is 'monomorphic', which means we’re unable to determine gender without DNA testing. DNA testing is an additional $99 per bird to be tested. If you want us to do our best without DNA testing, just make a note in the comment section of your order letting us know your preference. Please note that if no DNA testing is ordered, we are unable to guarantee a preferred gender but will do our best. See our FAQs for more info.

Diet:  Pears, papayas, bananas and small softbilled pellets, meal worms

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