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Pet Birds for Sale

Pet Birds For Sale

Pet Birds For Sale

Lovebirds - Black Masked


Lovebirds - Black Masked

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Product Description

Identification: Lovebirds are one of nine species of the genus Agapornis (Greek: αγάπη agape 'love'; όρνις ornis 'bird'). They are a social and affectionate small parrot. Their name stems from the parrots' strong, monogamous pair bonding and the long periods which paired birds spend sitting together. Black-winged lovebirds also eat insects and figs, and the black-collared lovebirds have a special dietary requirement for native figs, making them problematic to keep in captivity. Lovebirds are among the smallest parrots, characterized by a stocky build, a short blunt tail, and a relatively large, sharp beak. Provided with adequate space, a stimulating environment, and appropriate nutrition, a lovebird can become a cherished companion parrot. They love to snuggle and often preen their favorite people. Establishing a bond with gentle handling is important. The Black Masked Lovebird or Yellow-collared Lovebird (Agapornis personatus) is a favorite color variety of the Masked Lovebird. Though easily bred in captivity, this attractive variation also occurs naturally in the wild. 

Geography: Africa

Song/Call: Click for Black Masked Lovebird Song

Size: 6"

Life Span: 10 to 15 years

Sexing: Monomorphic (visually hard to determine sex)

DNA Testing 

If there is not a gender option listed for this bird on our website, that particular species is 'monomorphic', which means we’re unable to determine gender without DNA testing. DNA testing is an additional $99 per bird to be tested. If you want us to do our best without DNA testing, just make a note in the comment section of your order letting us know your preference. Please note that if no DNA testing is ordered, we are unable to guarantee a preferred gender but will do our best. See our FAQs for more info.

Temperament: Friendly and easy to care for, the Black Masked Lovebird will make a delightful and enjoyable addition to any household. These lovebirds are relatively hardy and are easy to breed, making them every bit as good a pet as the Peach-faced Lovebird. Some even suggest that they may be a bit calmer, though others say they are just as mischievous. Black Masked Lovebirds are very social and love companionship. 

Breeding: Pet Black Masked Lovebirds are easy to breed. 

Diet: Lovebird SeedOat GroatsCuttlefish BoneDried Egg Food, Veggies, Fruits 


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