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Swallow Tanager


Swallow Tanager

0.03 LBS
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About 8 Weeks
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1 unit(s)
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20 unit(s)

Product Description

Identification: The Swallow tanager (Tersina viridis) is a single species of Tersina, a genus of tanager. It is found widely throughout South America, from Panama to north Argentina. Natural habitat includes dry, moist and humid forest borders, older second-growth woodlands, shade trees over coffee plants, and partly cleared areas with scattered trees in clearings. Also in, or on top of canopy of humid forests and in tall riparian woodlands. Swallow tanagers are short-tailed with a wide flat, black bill and short, dusky horn-grey legs and have a reddish-brown iris. The base of a male's forehead, lores, ocular area (to just above eye) and throat are black with the rest of it's plumage a glistening bright turquoise-blue above and below. It's primary coverts and flight-feathers are black, narrowly edged with turquoise-blue, and tips of the primaries are black. Tail feathers are black with turquoise edges and the center of it's lower breast, belly and undertail-coverts  are white. Females are mainly bright grass-green from the base of the forehead and face (to just above eye) with a dingy grey throat that is somewhat scaled and mottled with dusky brown. Her wing-coverts are green, flight-feathers are black, outer feathers narrowly edged in green, inner featherss and tertials are more broadly edged and tinged green. The  center of her lower breast, belly and undertail-coverts are pale yellow with sides and flanks yellow with coarsely barred green.

Geography: South America

Size / Weight:  5.5" in length / 9 - 35 gm

Song / Call:  Click to listen to Swallow Tanagers

Lifespan: Uncertain

Temperament:  Swallow tanagers are sociable, occurring in small, loose single-species groups, even when breeding. They are sometimes seen with mixed-species while feeding around fruit trees. They are found perching, often for extended periods of time, in trees or high exposed treetop perches in their distinctive upright posture.

Sexing: The Swallow tanager is dimorphic and are easily sexed.

Breeding:  Solitary and loosely colonial, several pairs of Swallow tanagers may nest in close proximity. Males may defend a small territory or guard a nesting hole, but they are not  aggressively territorial. Females are believed to initiate courtship, with the male accompanying her, which includes extended bowing, sometimes accompanied by hopping and chasing. Breeding males also bow extensively to each other.  Weak shallow cup nests of various fibrous materials, built by the females, are placed in holes of old stone buildings, cliff sides, riverbanks, stone walls, cavities under bridges, or hole in a tree or dirt bank. Existing holes can be used but are dug down to soft earth prior to placement. A clutch is typically 3  white eggs, occasionally 4 with incubation by female for 13–17 days. Males typically ignore mate during incubation, but become attentive at hatching and sometimes help with feeding of the young.

Diet: Fruits and Arthropods; oranges, apples, bananas, berries, ants, mealworms, termites


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