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Spice Finch


Spice Finch

0.01 LBS
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About 8 Weeks
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1 unit(s)
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50 unit(s)

Product Description

Identification: The Spice Finch (Lonchura punctulata) is a sparrow-sized estrildid finch native to tropical Asia that is often referred to as the Scaly Breasted Munia, Nutmeg Mannikin, Spotted Munia. The species are highly social and may sometimes roost with other species of munias. These entertaining and beautiful finches love swings and enjoy hanging from different things. Spice Finches also enjoy bathing and should be given the opportunity to do so in a shallow dish of clean water. They look like they are zooming rather than flying, and because of their high-energy level, they should be housed in a large flight cage or aviary.

Geography: Asia: Ceylon, India, Indochina (including Vietnam and Cambodia), Thailand, southern China, Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Celebes, the Lesser Sunda Islands, and the Philippines.

Song / Call: Click to hear the adorable Spice Finch 

Size / Weight: 4.75" / 12-16 g

Sexing: Monomorphic (visually hard to determine sex.) DNA testing is available to ensure gender if desired.

Temperament: These sociable, active birds are easy to manage, being highly suitable for first-time owners. Spice Finches are active and need sufficient space to fly and perch. Although spice finches enjoy the company of their pet bird owners, they are best kept in society finch flocks.

Breeding: Spring through summer in North America, and during the Australian summer around Sydney. In their natural habitat, breeding may take place year-round but is normally triggered by the end of the rainy season, and then continues into the dry season. Spice finches tend to breed more successfully in larger flights and aviaries than in cages, and may breed well in a colony situation.

Lifespan: 6-8 years. 

Diet: Classic Finch SeedMineral GritDried Egg FoodMillet, Grass Seeds, Insects and Berries




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