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Shaft-tailed Whydah - Pair


Shaft-tailed Whydah - Pair

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Product Description

Identification: The Shaft-tailed Whydah or Queen Whydah (Vidua regia) is a small, sparrow-like bird in the genus Vidua. They are found in open habitats and grasslands of Southern Africa, from south Angola to south Mozambique. 

Geography: Southern Africa

Song / Call: Click to listen to the Shaft-tailed Whydah

Size / Weight: Males / Females 4" (Males when in breeding plumage up to 10.5") / 12 - 17 gm

Life Span: Approximately 6 years

Sexing:  During the breeding season the male has black crown and upper body plumage, golden breast and four elongated black tail shaft feathers with expanded tips. After the breeding season is over, the male sheds its long tail and grows olive brown female-like plumage. Due to the change in plumage, gender is difficult to determine unless a male is in breeding plumage.

Temperament: Shaft-tailed Whydah forage for seeds by "double-scratching", kicking sand and leaves away by jumping forward then backward with both legs, uncovering seeds in the dust. These Whydah drink at open water when available. Shaft-tailed Whydah forage alone or in flocks during breeding season and are mainly in flocks during non-breeding season.

Breeding: The Shaft-tailed Whydah is a brood-parasitic, meaning the female lays her eggs in nests of Violet-eared Waxbill and occasionally in those of other estrildid finches. The female eats the eggs of the host. 

Diet: Classic Finch Seed, Dried Egg Food, Mineral Grit, Cuttlefish Bone, Millet


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