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Red-Eared Waxbill (Black Rump)


Red-Eared Waxbill (Black Rump)

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Product Description

Identification: Agile and playful, the Red-Eared African Waxbill (Estrilda troglodytes), also known as the Black-rumped Waxbill, is an adorable addition to any aviary. They are commonly referred to as: Red-eared Waxbill, Yellow-browed Waxbill, Pink-cheeked Waxbill, Senegal Waxbill, Coralbeak; has also been called the Grey Waxbill, a name better reserved for E. perreini. It has been introduced to the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Hawaii but has not established a large breeding population. 

Geography:  Africa

Song / Call:  The song is variable and birds will often sing several different variations. Songs usually include a loud "explosive" note followed by a descending note. Click to hear

Size / Weight: 4" / 13 grams

Lifespan: 5-8 years

Sexing: The Red-Eared Waxbill (Black-Rumped) is difficult to determine gender without DNA testing. 

Temperament: The Red-Eared (Black-Rumped) Waxbill is a peaceful, active, vivacious and social bird; however may be defensive of the nest during breeding season. 

Breeding: In the wild, Black-rumped waxbills breed during the second half of the African rainy season. In captivity, they tend to breed during the warmer months. A breeding diet should be introduced about 1 month prior to breeding, and should include: live food (required for optimal results), soaked and sprouted seed, green food, and Egg Food. Birds aged 1 to 3 years yeild the best breeding results. 

Diet: Classic Finch Seed, Dried Egg Food, Mineral Grit, Cuttlefish Bone, sprouted seed, greens (spinach, dandelion, chickweed, etc.), insects (ant pupae, green aphids, fruit flies)


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