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Frill Canary - Northern Dutch


Frill Canary - Northern Dutch

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Product Description

Identification: The North Dutch Frill (Serinus canaria domesticus) is a medium size breed, slightly smaller than a Border canary and a fun addition to any aviary. These birds have only the mantle, jabot, and side fins, meaning that the frilling is present in a band around the middle of the bird. The feathering of the head, neck, belly, and thighs is ideally the same as a regular canary. Adorable Frilled canaries have swirled feathers on their back, chest, and flanks that curl into distinctive uniform patterns:

  1. The "mantle" is formed by feathers on the back being separated by a central parting and curling over each shoulder
  2. The "jabot" (or "craw") is formed by the feathers on the chest that curl inwards towards the center
  3. The "fins" or "Flanks" are formed by feathers just above the thighs curling outwards and upwards in a sweeping fashion around the wings

Geography: The beautiful Northern Dutch Frill Canary first appeared in Holland in the 1800s, making it one of the oldest of the frilled canaries. The different varieties of frilled canaries originate from a mutation that occurred in the old Dutch breed of canary in the 1800s. This mutation affected the formation and unusual disposition of the feathers.

Size / Weight: 6.75"

Sexing: Monomorphic (visually difficult to sex). DNA testing is available to ensure desired gender. 

Temperament: The Northern Dutch Canary is a "type canary", bred for physical appearance rather than color or song. It is very pretty, nicely proportioned, hardy and vigorous. Frilled canaries do however, tend to be a little more high strung and nervous than other canary breeds. They are good-natured social creatures that do well when kept in cages or in aviaries. They are timid birds though and should not be housed with parakeets, lovebirds, or other hookbills that tend to be more aggressive birds by nature.

Breeding: Frill canaries are generally difficult to breed as frilled hens are generally not good parents and the chicks often have to be pulled within hours of hatching and need to be hand-raised, which is challenging. 

Lifespan: 7-12 years

Diet: Canary Seed Mix, unsprayed chickweed, dandelion greens, and oregano are highly recommended, but any healthy greens such as the flowering heads of broccoli or chopped fruit like apples, apricots, and so on, will add vitamins and flavor to the diet. 

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